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Accreditation Guide

Notes for readers' accreditation of Hexi District Library

One, including foreign population and foreign nationals, including 14 years of age, in our city long-term residence, citizens can apply.

Two, do I hold valid documents, witness such as: ID card, military card, driver's license, account of this, a passport valid for the library card for one year.

Three, apply for the library card, identity card number access system, that is: an identity card number can only apply for a loan card (other valid documents are also the same), and only for my own use.

Four, this hall implements free borrowing, the library card only receives the deposit 50 yuan. Each card can borrow 2 books, through the period of 30 days, each book can renew once.

Five, if the card is lost, please carry valid documents to permit the original permit to place the loss, and re apply for a new license, the original license is cancelled, but the library card produced in the loss before the responsibility borne by the loss; if no re apply for a new license, in 15 working days the loss after the notice in the press sixth for deposit refund formalities.

Six, if you need to return the certificate, please bring the valid documents held at the original place for processing, such as commissioned to return a certificate, but also by the principal at the same time carrying my own valid documents can handle.

Seven, if you want to borrow the Tianjin City Public Library interlibrary loan books, for Tianjin city public library general card readers, specific rules see Tianjin city library card way.