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Founded in October 1, 1957, Hexi District library is a municipal public library established earlier in our city and with a large collection of books. With the support of the district Party committee, the district government and the competent department of cultural affairs, the library has always adhered to the direction of serving the people and serving the socialist sector, and has made a positive contribution to the construction of spiritual civilization. In 1994, it ranked first in the country's first public library evaluation, and was designated as the national civilized library by the Ministry of culture. In 1999, he was named the first class library by the Ministry of culture.


The library was built at the beginning of the building area of only 500 square meters, in 1976 the museum is located in the earthquake destroyed, the library moved into the library of Hexi District workers club in the business work. In 1981, the district Party committee and the district government provided the library with an area of more than 2400 square meters. The new house is located at No. 42, Guangdong Road, Hexi District. According to my area of cultural development and the modern library building, 1997 district government invested 20 million yuan, while rebuilding the new library in 1999, a main body is divided into seven layers, with an open book for the creative subject, vivid, profound, according to the full opening, large space and large capacity layout the library stands on the West Dagu Road No. 961 (Dagu Road North and South Street intersection), in September 2015 after the relocation to Xiangyang Street No. 2 Hexi District Cultural Center (Xiang Yang street and new embankment road junction), the new building area (square meters), the collection () million books, with open shelf borrowing at the press, reading room, reference room, electronic reading room, study room and children's reading area and many other service window, the opening and closing day without. There are also main rooms in the museum, and all the main tasks are modernized information management, which belongs to the comprehensive public library.


In 2010, along with the development of libraries, Hexi District government re planning, expand the service function of library, the cultural resources in our region re integration, set up the west culture and Art Center building function. Since the establishment of the first West Bank rafting base in 2010, this activity has become a major feature of our pavilion. Our monthly invitation to carry out activities of the West Bank cultural forum by all circles of the society is very popular among readers. At the same time, our library and the city Bureau of literature and culture, the municipal library, the District Cultural Bureau and other units at all levels of the reading, essay and other contests, but also won the community and all levels of the school's positive response.